Want to be a vendor?
Here's what you need to know.

Please note: Vendors MUST send a copy of their tax ID when the application is submitted. We are not able to approve applications submitted without this. Please email a copy of your tax ID to mckthirdmondaytradedays@gmail.com
For vendors with ANYTHING consumable, you must contact the McKinney Health Department before you apply or we cannot approve your application. All new applications will start being processd on the 1st of each month. 

Third Monday McKinney Trade Days is a clean, well-managed market in a  prime location. We use multi-media advertising to bring thousands of customers to you. The market is located within 90 minutes of 6 million potential shoppers. Average shopper attendance is 12,000 to 15,000 each month 

  Persons interested in being a vendor should read the information below and then submit a Vendor Application.  The market manager calls new applicants after each market starting on the first of each month to assign available spaces for the following 

Before You Apply For A Space

• Vendors must have a copy of the Market Map , Mall Map , Weekend Rental Rates and  available for reference when contacted about a space. 

• Applicants must have a Texas Sales Tax Permit number to reserve a space and may apply for a permit number online. 

• Dog Breeders must have a license and bond and must have insurance as well as a sale ID. The market has special locations and instructions for Dog Breeders.

• After reserving a space, the market must receive payment by Square invoice within 3 days. 

• Vendors applying for a Mall space need to read Mall Policies and have access to the Mall Map when contacted for a space in the Mall.

• Food vendors must read this food vendor info.  

• Vendors may one park 1 vehicle on the rented space in addition to the merchandise being sold. This Park on Space image illustrates how you must park in your space.

• Covered spaces will accommodate vehicles and trailers that are no taller than 7 and a half feet.

Before You Arrive

Contract Policy Requirements

The Following Contract Policy Requirements Are Especially Important:
•    Keep you parking pass visible while on the market property.
•    You must rent enough space to park at least one vehicle on your space.
•    You must pull onto your space(s) to unload your merchandise.
•    No vehicle associated with any vendor may be parked in the asphalt Shopper Parking lots.
•    You must enter the market through the Vendor Entrance before 8:45 a.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and stay up up to sell until 5 p.m.
•    Please bring large construction trash bags for your trash. Take your boxes and personal trash to the dumpster behind the big red barn in the far west of the market, and leave your space(s) clean.
•   All recurring vendors are required to notify me by email if they are not going to make it to the show. If you cannot attend a market, please give a 72-hour notice.
•    No refunds, credits, or transfers are given.
•    To re-rent the same space for the following month, pay by the 25th of each month, by requesting a square invoice.
•    If you are a new vendor all payments must be made immediately.
•    Vendors are encouraged to sell all 3 days. Saturday and Sunday is mandatory.
•    All vendors must have a Texas Sales Tax number to rent spaces at this market.
•    Dog breeders must have a breeders license, bond and insurance 
•    Prior to applying, ANY food vendors should contact McKinney Health Department (972-547-        7448) to inquire about the requirements for a McKinney Health Department permit.
•    Do not drive through the market during shopping hours. 8:45am to 5pm

  • All vendors are now on a 3 point system, if a vendor gets written up 3 times the vendor may be suspended from the show for a minimum of 6 months.

  • All vendors must be parked BEHIND your assigned space or in VENDORS parking - ALL VEHICLES MUST HAVE A VISIBLE PARKING PASS or will be written up. 

  • Any vehicle that is operated during market hours after the gates are locked from 9am-4pm on Friday and 9am-5pm on Sat./Sun will be written up.

  • All vendors must stay from open to close each show day.

  • All vendors that have a prepaid or recurring saved space may ONLY miss 3 shows a year or be subject to losing your space. 

  • All vendors are ONLY allowed to request a space change 3 times, all requests are required by email and must be approved.

  • Vendors may not put up signs, displays, tents, ect. In the walkways or outside of the space they have rented.

  • Vendors are required to notify Nikki immediately if they have ANY concerns. 

  • All Vendors are required to read the rules/guidelines/requirements/set up information at TMMTD.com

Third Monday Trade Days’ liability insurance policy requires vendors to agree to 
the following three components. 

As a participant in Third Monday Trade Days, vendors may not
• Sell guns
• Sell knives to underage shoppers
• Violate copyright and/or trademark laws
• Consume alcohol on market grounds
• Drive a vehicle on vending roads during market hours
• Lead a dog in the market or allow a dog near other vendors or shoppers 
• Maintain their space in a way that is detrimental to market shoppers

Certain vendors are required to purchase and maintain a minimum of $1,000,000 of 
liability insurance and provide a Certificate of Insurance to the office.

 These vendors are those who:
• Operate carnival or pony rides, a market train, a petting zoo, or rent mobility 
• Sell food and/or drink whether for consumption on-premises or elsewhere
• Sell CBD/hemp products, therapeutic treatments or supplements, or topical 
• Sell dogs 
• Operate power tools in the market
Vendors who are not required to obtain liability insurance under Component Two, 
if they elect not to obtain liability insurance, must self-insure their market 
business and the products they sell on their vendor space since market liability 
insurance does not cover the operations of the vendor on his/her space. The Market is not liable for lost/damaged/stolen products.




Rules & Guidelines 

• All Vendors are expected to follow vendor guidelines, pertinent federal,  state, and local laws and ordinances, and exhibit appropriate vendor behavior. 

• It is the responsibility of the person who rents a space to insure that all helpers, assistants, and family members are familiar with and agree to  abide by all vendor guidelines. 

• Only Food Vendors may sell food or drink. 

• All vending must occur from your rented space. 

• Vendors may not sublease their space or rent in more than one location.

• There are no refunds on reserved spaces, and, if a vendor cannot attend a particular market, he or she must notify the office within 72 hours  prior to that market. 

Before You Apply For A Space
•    Vendors must have a copy of the Market Map available for reference when contacted about a space.
•    Applicants must have a Texas Sales Tax Permit number to reserve a space and may apply for a permit number online.
•    Dog Breeder must have a license and bond and must have insurance as well as a sale Id.
•    After reserving a space, the market must receive payment immediately by Square invoice. 
•    Email the all documents to McKThirdMondayTradeDays@Gmail.com
•    The market has special locations and instructions for Dog Breeders.
•    Applicants applying for a Mall space need to read Mall Policies and have access to the Mall Map when contacted for a space in the Mall.
•    Food vendors must read this food vendor info.
•    A single shed space is 12 feet wide and 24 feet deep with the front 12 foot by 12 foot covered.
•    Vendors must park at least 1 vehicle on the rented space in addition to the merchandise being sold. This Park on Space image illustrates how you must park on your space.
•    Covered spaces will accommodate vehicles and trailers that are no taller than 7 and a half feet.

Dog/Cat Breeders
Dog/Cat breeders must provide  purchaser with a bill of sale. Seller’s warranty, any necessary registration papers, a record of vaccinations, the breeder’s contact information, and a refundable 72  hour period to have the puppy checked by a licensed Veterinarian. If the Vet determines the animal is sick and will detail this information in writing, the breeder is required to refund  the purchaser’s original price upon the purchaser’s immediate return of the animal. If the market office becomes aware of a breeder who does not follow this policy, that breeder will be banned from selling at Trades Days.  In order to be considered as a dog/cat vendor, you must have and submit to Trade Days  a valid current breeder license, tax identification number and a $1,000,000 Commercial General Liability Insurance policy along with your application.

What Mall Vendors Need To Know
1.    Mall vendors must be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.
2.    Mall vendors should be set up before 8:45am Friday of the market. When loading and unloading merchandise, move all your merchandise into or out of the building as promptly as possible and then move your vehicle to allow other to load or unload.
3.    First time vendors in the Mall may set up Wednesday and Thursday of the market week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. by appointment.
4.    Vendors may not attach anything to the Mall walls. All display fixtures must be free standing.
5.    Vendors may not place any vendor trash or boxes in trashcans inside the Mall or in or around the barrels outside the Mall.
6.    Because most of available electricity is dedicated to building lighting and heating or air-conditioning, vendors may not use electric heaters. Fans may be used. Bring extension cords.
7.    Brooms and dust pans are available inside mall closet. The code for that lockbox is given to recurring vendors through email along with a code key contract. Unlock the door, then replace key. The door locks behind you, but opens from the inside when you leave.
8.    Mall vendors should park in the assigned Parking area on days the market is open.
9.    In case anyone is ever accidentally locked inside the Mall, you can unlatch the latch at the top of the non-keyed glass doors and then push out on both doors.
10.    Mall vendors are responsible for keeping their space clean both during and after the market. Vendors are also responsible for keeping the aisle in front of their space clean.
11.    If you are working in the Mall before or after regular Mall hours, you should monitor any unlocked door or keep doors locked to prohibit shoppers from entering unnoticed.
12.    At all times, the last vendor in the Mall is responsible for turning off the Mall lights and checking that all Mall doors are locked. For the 3 sets of double glass doors, check that the latch at the top of the non-keyed glass door is engaged. The doors lock from the inside of the mall except the door that has the lock box.

Food Vendors
Prior to applying, prospective food vendors should contact the City of McKinney Health Department (972-547-7448) to inquire whether or not their concession equipment meets the requirements for a McKinney Health Department permit. Rates for food concessions begin at $260.


Vehicles & Set Up 

• Vendors may start setting up on the Thursday of the show week or  Friday Morning by 8am.  

• Vendors must enter at Vendor Entrance gate before 8:45 am to pick up your vendor parking passes, which must be placed on the rear view mirror. The gate is locked from 8:45 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Fri, and until 5  p.m. on Sat & Sun. 

• Any vehicle inside the market at 8:45 a.m. should be parked on the vendor’s space and may not leave until 4 p.m. on Fri, or 5 p.m. on Sat & Sun 

• Vendors may park behind their space or in a assigned parking area, and are not permitted to park in the shopper parking lots.

• Vendors may not unload from the road or the parking lots.

• Vendors will need to provide all set up equipment such as tables chairs  display racks tarps bungies and long extension cords if power is needed.

• Make sure to watch the weather and be prepared. 

• Be sure to promote your presence at Trade Days on social media. Visit  our Facebook page or Instagram account @thirdmondaymckinneytradedays.

• If you need to bring a RV and stay on the property we have available spaces for rent.